Schweizer 1-26

The Schweizer SGS 1-26 is a United States One-Design, single-seat, mid-wing glider built by Schweizer Aircraft of Elmira, New York.


The SGS 1-26 enjoyed a very long production run from its first flight in 1954 until 1979, when production was ended and is the most numerous sailplane found in the US.


Schweizer Aircraft originally proposed the idea of a simple, inexpensive, one-design class sailplane at the 1945 Motorless Flight Conference.  This concept was revived in 1954. At that time the Schweizer SGS 1-23 was the only sailplane in production in the United States and demand for it had dropped off, due to its high price. At the same time the number of people participating in soaring had increased and there was a clear market for a low cost sailplane.


Design goals for the new glider included:

  • Available as a kit
  • Small and light weight for ease of storage and construction
  • Rugged design with a focus on pilot protection
  • Launched by autotow, winch and aerotow
  • Enough performance for Gold distance flights (300 km)
  • Low minimum sink speed ability to soar in light conditions


The 1-26 received type certificate 1G10 on 14 December 1954.